Prez may refer to:

  • Prez (DC Comics), a DC Comics character
  • Prez, Ardennes, a commune of the Ardennes, France
  • Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski, a character on The Wire
  • Lester Young or Prez, jazz musician

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Roland Pryzbylewski - Character Background and Plot Relations - Season 4
... Prez starts a new career as a math teacher at Edward Tilghman Middle School ... After Randy admits to knowing about Lex's murder, Prez passes the information on to Bunk ... Later, Prez discovers that Dukie is no longer attending high school and is working on the corner ...
Boys Of Summer (The Wire) - Plot - Summary - School
... Prez arrives at the school as trainee teacher pending his certification ... Prez attends a seminar on teaching using praise and self-belief to motivate their students it seems as misguided as the police seminar on terrorism and ... Prez later takes in his new classroom which is a complete mess but seems excited at the prospect of teaching ...
Prezë Castle
... Prezë Castle (AlbanianKalaja e Prezës) is a castle in Prezë, western Albania ...
Prez (comics)
... Prez First Teen President was a four issue comic series by writer Joe Simon (the creator of Captain America) and artist Jerry Grandenetti, released by DC ... It followed the adventures of Prez Rickard, the first teenage President of the United States of America, whose election had been made possible by a Constitutional amendment lowering the age of ...