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2-10-10-2 - Virginian Railway Class AE
11 t) Boiler 119 in (3,023 mm) Boiler pressure 215 psi (1 MPa) Firegrate area 109 sq ft (10 m2) Heating surface Total 8,606 sq ft (800 m2) Superheater area 2,12 ... width was 144 inches, so they were delivered without their cabs and the front, low pressure cylinders and were assembled after arrival ... The low pressure cylinders and the boiler were both the largest diameter on any US locomotive the cylinders had to be tilted slightly upward to provide clearance ...
LNER Class W1 - Motion
... The high pressure necessitated compound expansion steam being supplied to the two 12-by-26-inch (305 mm × 660 mm) high-pressure inside cylinders and ... High-pressure cylinder diameter was subsequently reduced to 10 in (254 mm) ... an ingenious unique system for giving independent cutoff to the high-pressure cylinders using only two sets of Walschaerts valve gear derived from the outside cranks on the Von Borries principle and using an inside ...
Saxon XX HV - Design Features
... The steam engine was configured as a four-cylinder compound ... The high pressure cylinders sloped steeply between the frame sides, the low pressure cylinders were located in the usual, horizontal position outside the frame ... Both pairs of cylinders drove the second coupled axle ...

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    ‘Take the cylinders out of my kidneys,
    The connecting-rod out of my brain,
    Take the cam-shaft from out of my backbone,
    And Assemble the engine again.’
    Unknown. The Dying Airman (l. 5–8)

    Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831)