President's Choice - PC in The United States

PC in The United States

President's Choice began appearing in various U.S. supermarkets beginning in the early 1990s. The product line found a home in the Chicago market on the shelves of Jewel stores under an exclusive regional marketing agreement.

Also, from circa 1995-1999, Lucky Stores carried President's Choice soda until acquired by Albertsons.

Modesto, California-based New Deal Market chain carried the President's Choice line for a short time under their ownership by Canada-based Provigo Corp.

Michigan-based Glen's Market carried the President's Choice line for a short time, beginning in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. Glen's Market offered special coupons and promotions on the item to create excitement about the new line being offered. One of the popular President's Choice promotions was to give a pint of ice cream on the birthdays of customers with registered Glen'sCard. Glen's Market is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spartan Stores, Inc. In addition, D&W Food Centers carried the President's Choice brand for several years before being purchased by Spartan Stores, Inc.

Michigan-based Great Scott! supermarkets carried the President's Choice line before being acquired by Kroger in 1990. Kroger then sold President's Choice products in its Michigan stores for a short time after the acquisition of Great Scott! (presumably until a contract to carry the product expired).

During the 1990s, Stop & Shop supermarkets of Quincy, Massachusetts also carried the PC line of products, as did Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Star Market before it was acquired by Shaw's Supermarkets in 1999. Shaw's ceased carrying President's Choice products in its Star-branded stores following the acquisition, despite the PC line being carried by its parent's Jewel stores.

Portland, Oregon-based Fred Meyer stores also carried the President's Choice brand for a time.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Harris Teeter carried the brand in the early 1990s.

St. Louis based National Supermarkets, then owned by Loblaw, rolled out the brand along with other Loblaw-owned chains. This continued until the chain was purchased by competitor Schnucks in 1995. Schnucks continued selling the brand until 1998.

President's Choice was also carried by Bell's Markets in western New York, when they were supplied by a company affiliated with Loblaw. They were later carried by Tops Friendly Markets in that area but can no longer be found there.

Houston, TX-based Randall's Food Markets carried the brand until their acquisition by Safeway Inc. in 1999.

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