• (adj): Preferred above all others and treated with partiality.
    Synonyms: favored, favorite, favourite, pet
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Top, Bottom And Versatile - Prevalence
55,464 profiles on from the United States showed that 26.46% preferred top, while 31.92% preferred bottom, and the largest group (41.62%) preferred versatile ... In Wyoming, for example, 16% preferred top, 44% preferred bottom, and 40% preferred versatile ...
Later-no-harm Criterion - Examples - Ranked Pairs
... votes are cast 49 A 25 B 26 C>B B is preferred to A by 51 votes to 49 votes ... A is preferred to C by 49 votes to 26 votes ... C is preferred to B by 26 votes to 25 votes ...
Private Investment Capital Subscription - Preferred
... PICS provide added security to investors on the value of their original investment because the underlying real estate collateral is protected by title insurance, fire insurance and liability insurance that are not found in stock market related investments and PICS pay a guaranteed 10% return on investment to their investors ... Despite the fact that investors in PICS are not classified as high-end money investors, Private Investment Capital Subscribers do form a rather exclusive private investment club ...
Monthly Income Preferred Stock
... Monthly income preferred stock or MIPS is a hybrid security created by Eli Jacobson, a Sullivan Cromwell tax partner, and introduced to the market by Goldman Sachs in 1993 ... In essence, MIPS is a combination of deeply subordinated debt and preferred stock ... A special purpose entity of the issuer sells the preferred stock to the public and then lends the proceeds to the parent ...
Capital Assistance Program - Features of The Program
... Money is given in exchange for preferred stock that pays a 9 percent dividend ... The preferred stock is automatically converted into common stock at the end of seven years ... Because preferred stock is similar to debt in that it gets paid before common stock, some economists have questioned whether the buying of preferred stock by both the Capital Assistance ...

More definitions of "preferred":

  • (adj): More desirable than another.
    Example: "Danny's preferred name is 'Dan'"
    Synonyms: preferable

Famous quotes containing the word preferred:

    At length he would call to let us know where he was waiting for us with his canoe, when, on account of the windings of the stream, we did not know where the shore was, but he did not call often enough, forgetting that we were not Indians.... This was not because he was unaccommodating, but a proof of superior manners. Indians like to get along with the least possible communication and ado. He was really paying us a great compliment all the while, thinking that we preferred a hint to a kick.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    so vegetarian,
    he wore rope shoes and preferred fallen fruit.
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)

    These people figured video was the Lord’s preferred means of communicating, the screen itself a kind of perpetually burning bush. “He’s in the de-tails,” Sublett had said once. “You gotta watch for Him close.”
    William Gibson (b. 1948)