• (adj): Worthy of acceptance or satisfactory.
    Example: "Acceptable levels of radiation"; "performances varied from acceptable to excellent"
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Some articles on acceptable:

Library Atmospherics - Technological Atmospheric Variables - Noise Criteria
... NC level 35 is generally considered acceptable for most library functions, with NC level 40 acceptable in the busier areas (for comparison, NC 20-25 is considered acceptable for concert halls) ...
Acceptable Loss
... An acceptable loss is a sacrifice that is deemed an acceptable cost of doing business ... may deem the loss of members who disagree with an evangelical shift to be acceptable if the alternative is to forgo other goals ... Anticipated casualties in a military campaign may be held to be acceptable losses as well ...
Allowance (engineering) - Confounding of The Engineering Concepts of allowance and tolerance
... — that is, of a limit on what is acceptable ... A tolerance is the limit of acceptable unintended deviation from a nominal or theoretical dimension ... lower, defines a range within which an actual dimension may fall while still being acceptable ...
Machine Translation Software Usability - Adaptive To Colloquialism, Argot or Slang
... French argot has three levels of usage familier or friendly, acceptable among friends, family and peers but not at work grossier or swear words, acceptable among ...
Acceptable In The 80s - Track Listing
... "Acceptable In The 80s" 533 2 ... "Acceptable In The 80s" (Tom Neville Remix) 716 2 ... "Acceptable In The 80s" 533 3 ...

More definitions of "acceptable":

  • (adj): Judged to be in conformity with approved usage.
    Example: "Acceptable English usage"
    Synonyms: accepted
  • (adj): Adequate for the purpose.
    Example: "The water was acceptable for drinking"

Famous quotes containing the word acceptable:

    To take pride in a library kills it. Then, its motive power shifts over to the critical if admiring visitor, and apologies are necessary and acceptable and the fat is in the fire.
    Carolyn Wells (1862–1942)

    Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances.
    Leigh Brackett (1915–1978)

    Someday soon, we hope that all middle and high school will have required courses in child rearing for girls and boys to help prepare them for one of the most important and rewarding tasks of their adulthood: being a parent. Most of us become parents in our lifetime and it is not acceptable for young people to be steeped in ignorance or questionable folklore when they begin their critical journey as mothers and fathers.
    James P. Comer (20th century)