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List Of LDS Missionary Entries By Country - Countries Where LDS Church Missionaries Have Not Preached
... Official LDS Church missionaries have never preached in the following countries and territories Afghanistan Algeria Anguilla Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan British Virgin Islands Brunei Burkina Faso ...
Cambuslang Work - The Two Communions
... Mr M’Culloch needed help and many of the most prestigious Evangelical ministers preached in Cambuslang – in particular Dr Alexander Webster, of Edinburgh, who ... indication of the high rate of literacy among common Scots of the time.) Four ministers preached on the Friday fast day before the sacrament, four others preached on the Saturday ...
St Paul's Cross - History
... Thomas Netter also preached against Lollardy here ... From here was preached much of the English Reformation, along with many major events in London's history, with sermons preached here usually printed and thus redistributed to a ... Matthew Hutton, later Archbishop of York, preached here ...
Saint Paul - Conversion and Mission - Journey To Rome and Beyond
... Acts states that Paul preached in Rome for two years from his rented home while awaiting trial ... Chrysostom indicated that Paul preached in Spain "For after he had been in Rome, he returned to Spain, but whether he came thence again into these parts, we know not" ... Cyril of Jerusalem said that Paul, "fully preached the Gospel, and instructed even imperial Rome, and carried the earnestness of his preaching as far as Spain, undergoing ...
Robert Harris (President Of Trinity) - Bibliography
... 1622 The drunkards cup 1622 Samuels funeral or, a sermon preached at the funeral of Sir Anthonie Cope, Knight, and Barronnet ... Pauls confidence 1630 Two Sermons 1630 Sixe sermons of conscience 1630 Absaloms funerall preached at Banburie, by a neighbour minister ... of a loving father for a rebellious childe - published by John Bartlet, London 1631 Six sermons preached on severall texts and occasions 1632 The way to true happinesse 1635 The works of Robert Harris. ...

Famous quotes containing the word preached:

    The basis of world peace is the teaching which runs through almost all the great religions of the world. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Christ, some of the other great Jewish teachers, Buddha, all preached it. Their followers forgot it. What is the trouble between capital and labor, what is the trouble in many of our communities, but rather a universal forgetting that this teaching is one of our first obligations.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)

    Aunt Sally she was one of the mixed-upest looking persons I ever see; except one, and that was uncle Silas, when he come in, and they told it all to him. It kind of made him drunk, as you may say, and he didn’t know nothing at all the rest of the day, and preached a prayer meeting sermon that night that give him a rattling ruputation, because the oldest man in the world couldn’t a understood it.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)

    In full view of his television audience, he preached a new religion—or a new form of Christianity—based on faith in financial miracles and in a Heaven here on earth with a water slide and luxury hotels. It was a religion of celebrity and showmanship and fun, which made a mockery of all puritanical standards and all canons of good taste. Its standard was excess, and its doctrines were tolerance and freedom from accountability.
    New Yorker (April 23, 1990)