PRA is an abbreviation for:

  • Panel Reactive Antibody - a measure of the percentage of human antibodies in a transplant candidate's blood
  • Paperwork Reduction Act
  • the IATA code for the airport in Paraná, Argentina: General Urquiza Airport
  • Participatory rural appraisal
  • People's Redemption Army, a rebel group in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda
  • People's Republic of Albania
  • The People's Republic Of Animation, an Australian animation company based in Adelaide
  • The People's Republic Of Arlington, a tongue-in-cheek nickname for Arlington County, in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • People's Revolutionary Army, the name of the Army of several countries
    • People's Revolutionary Army (Argentina)
    • People's Revolutionary Army (Colombia)
    • People's Revolutionary Army (Grenada)
    • People's Revolutionary Army (Mexico)
  • Petrol Retailers Association, part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF)
  • Physical Review A,a scientific journal, published by the American Physical Society
  • Plasma renin activity
  • Politieke Recherche Afdeling, Dutch for Political Investigation Branch
  • Political Research Associates, a research group in Somerville, Massachusetts, which studies the U.S. political right wing
  • Popular Resistance Army, a rebel group in Uganda which later became the National Resistance Army
  • Popular Rotorcraft Association, a non-profit aviation interest group founded in 1962 by Igor Bensen
  • Positive relative accommodation
  • Presidential Records Act
  • President of the Royal Academy: see Royal Academy
  • Primary rate access, a telecommunications standard
  • Primitive recursive arithmetic, a formal system of arithmetic weaker than Peano arithmetic PA
  • Probabilistic risk assessment, an engineering safety analysis
  • The Professional Rugby Players' Association, the representative body of professional rugby players in England
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Public relations automation
  • Public Roads Administration, a predecessor of the Federal Highway Administration (USA)
  • Purported Responsible Address, as specified in RFC 4407; Commonly referenced in SPF
  • Saccharopepsin, a yeast proteinase A

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