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Lord Voldemort: Voldemort appears occasionally, with an echoey and deep plummy voice. He is an antagonist, but is not as evil as his book counterpart. He constantly attempts to kill the other characters, but is generally thwarted. His most successful plot, and only successful one so far, has been blowing up all of the other main characters with a pipe bomb (which was ticking, leading the characters to create a song by rhythmically singing their own names). There is really no great enmity between Voldemort and Harry as there is in the book, suggesting that the former is not completely evil. This is shown in "Ron's Disease" when Harry has used Hagrid to knock out both Hermione and Snape, yet when they pass Voldemort who greets Harry with "Ah, Harry, I've been waiting for you" in a friendly voice followed by an attempt to kill him, Harry says "No time to chat, Voldemort! Gotta go!" and runs off, much to Voldemort's disappointment. Voldemort appears in 7 episodes.

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... Lord Voldemort, having regained his full strength at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, summoned his followers to him by touching Peter Pettigrew's Dark Mark ... his cover"), those dead, imprisoned, or afraid to return, the majority returned to his service as Lord Voldemort began his second attempt to claim power ... Lord Voldemort states on page 441 of the US edition of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" at his rebirth, "And here we have six missing Death Eaters...three dead in my service ...
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... Several campaigns have used Lord Voldemort to compare his evilness to the influence of politicians, large media and corporations ... "Lord Voldemort" is a nickname sometimes used for Peter Mandelson ... Voldemort is also a recurring theme among wizard rock bands ...
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... of Secrets, is rearranged to spell "I am Lord Voldemort" ... the whole name forms an anagram for "And here I am, Lord Voldemort" (instead of "I am Lord Voldemort" as in the original English) ... "game of fate") which forms an anagram for "Je suis Voldemort" ("I am Voldemort") ...
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... Rowling V3I2, V3I3 Referring to himself only as "Tom", Voldemort attends the Purple Orchestra concert at Hyde Park and is possessed by the spirit of ...
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... He replaced Voldemort's puppet Pius Thicknesse, who had been placed under the Imperius Curse and put in power after Voldemort killed Scrimgeour, who had replaced Fudge ... Wizarding War, she was the Minister in office during James and Lily Potter's murders, Lord Voldemort's first downfall, and the Death Eater captures, in the early 1980s ... Fudge (1990–1996) – failed to act against Lord Voldemort, who was growing in power in the mid-1990s, as he refused to believe in his return when ...

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