• (verb): Get the opinions (of people) by asking specific questions.
    Synonyms: canvass, canvas
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Some articles on poll:

Antar Yahia - Honours
... in Luanda, Angola Yahia was presented the award of best Arab player of 2009 by winning a poll created by the Arab television channel MBC ... One million people participated in the poll, Yahia gained the majority of the votes due to his astonishing performance and goal against Egypt in the World Cup ...
2009 Florida Gators Football Team - Pre-season
... Florida was voted #1 in both the preseason USA Today Coaches' Poll and the AP Poll ... The Gators received the highest ever percentage of preseason #1 votes in the history of the AP Poll, which began in 1950 ...
Elections (Hours Of Poll) Act 1885
... The Elections (Hours of Poll) Act 1885 (48 49 Vict ... that at every parliamentary election and municipal election, the poll was to remain open from 8 o'clock a.m ... It did not apply in places where no poll was held, or in elections to University constituencies ...
Harry's New York Bar - Other Notable Details
... Harry's conducts a straw poll before each US presidential election, customers who provide proof of US citizenship can vote in the poll ... The results have mirrored every election, except 1976 and 2004, since the poll began in 1924 ...
Pineapple Poll - Synopsis - Scene 2
... Pineapple Poll arrives on the wharf with some naval clothes in which she then dresses herself (off-stage), following which Pineapple Poll also then goes up the gangplank to the ship ... at the wharf and is devastated to find Pineapple Poll's clothes ... He mistakenly assumes that Pineapple Poll has drowned ...

More definitions of "poll":

  • (noun): The top of the head.
    Synonyms: pate, crown
  • (verb): Convert into a pollard.
    Synonyms: pollard
  • (noun): The counting of votes (as in an election).
  • (noun): The part of the head between the ears.
  • (verb): Vote in an election at a polling station.
  • (verb): Get the votes of.

Famous quotes containing the word poll:

    If Rosa Parks had taken a poll before she sat down in that bus in Montgomery, she’d still be standing.
    Mary Frances Berry (b. 1938)