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United Kingdom

In Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin and the Social Democratic Labour Party achieve between them over 40% of the vote at elections, with both parties supporting Northern Ireland leaving the United Kingdom and being reunited with the Republic of Ireland.

In Scotland, the Scottish National Party (SNP) won an outright majority at the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections. It hopes to hold a referendum on Scottish independence before the next parliamentary elections in 2015.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru believes in an independent Wales.

In England, there are movements, such as the English Democrats, calling for a devolved English Parliament. There are also movements, such as the Wessex Regionalists, calling for devolution of power to the English regions. Movements seeking autonomy or independence are also present in the peninsula of Cornwall.

There is also a strong independent movement in the UK headed initially by the Independent Network (which is not a political party) and most recently by the Jury Team. These movements hope to create a Parliament more accountable to the electorate by helping independent candidates get elected.

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