Political Strategy

Political strategy deals with politics from a strategic perspective. Basically, it is the study of how politics are invented, and used to obtain some given objective.

This article covers some of these techniques as seen in history and the present day. Politics and the related tactics can be found in nearly every corner of our civilization.

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Famous quotes containing the words strategy and/or political:

    Our strategy in going after this army is very simple. First we are going to cut it off, and then we are going to kill it.
    Colin Powell (b. 1937)

    Long before Einstein told us that matter is energy, Machiavelli and Hobbes and other modern political philosophers defined man as a lump of matter whose most politically relevant attribute is a form of energy called “self-interestedness.” This was not a portrait of man “warts and all.” It was all wart.
    George F. Will (b. 1941)