Polish Navy

Polish Navy

The Marynarka Wojenna - (The Navy) Polish navy is a military branch of Republic of Poland Armed Forces responsible for naval operations. It has 90 ships (including 5 submarines, 2 frigates, 3 corvettes, 3 missile boats - as of 2012) and about 23,000 commissioned and enlisted personnel. The traditional ship prefix in the Polish Navy is ORP (Okręt Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - "Ship of the Republic of Poland"). The Marynarka Wojenna is one of the bigger navies on the Baltic Sea. It is mostly responsible for Baltic Sea operations. Other duties include search and rescue operations covering parts of the Baltic, as well as hydrographic measurements and research.

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Mamert Stankiewicz - Biography
... Petersburg and joined the Russian Imperial Navy ... Following the Peace of Riga ending the Polish-Bolshevik War Stankiewicz was a subject of a prisoner of war exchange and was allowed to settle in Poland ... komandor podporucznik), Stankiewicz joined the newly formed Polish Navy and became a commander of the Navigation Department of the Naval School of Tczew ...
Polish Armed Forces In The West - History By Formation - Navy
... three destroyers - representing most of the major Polish Navy ships - had been sent for safety to the British Isles (Operation Peking) ... There they fought alongside the Royal Navy ... At various stages of the war, the Polish Navy comprised two cruisers and a large number of smaller ships most were RN ships loaned to take advantage of the Polish crews ...
Lublin R-XX - Design and Development
... In 1930 the Polish Ministry of Defence announced a contest for a torpedo-bomber floatplane for the Polish Navy ... course, three R-VIIIs were converted to floatplanes and given to the Navy, but they did not meet all demands, for they were obsolete, slow and could not carry torpedoes ... The Polish Navy ordered 6 production aircraft in the beginning of 1935, with planned deliveries by April 1937, and Plage i Laśkiewicz prepared to build the R-XXA ...
Polish Navy - Naval Colors
... The flag of the Polish Navy is a red flag with the emblem of the Polish Armed Forces - Navy on the foreground ... The naval jack of the Polish navy is based on a traditional 17th Century fighting jack design of a scimitar ready to strike at the enemy ... It was first used during the battle of Oliwa in 1627 against Sweden, during the Polish-Swedish War ...

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