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Higher Echelon

Comparable to military staff officers, Major and above. The ranks are available for applicants who completed master level university studies, usually in law. It is possible for officers from the elevated echelon to obtain a master degree from the Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, so they can enter higher ranks.

  • Police Chief Director (Leitender Polizeidirektor) acts as lieutenant to the President of Police or heading a branch service of state police. As a career position it corresponds to grade A16. Four gold stars on shoulder patch.
  • Police Director (Polizeidirektor), commands a subdivision of a regional authority of state police, either territorial (encompassing roughly one or two Districts of Germany districts) or by branches (traffic, crime). Grade A15. 3 gold stars.
  • Police Senior Councillor (Polizeioberrat), grade A14. 2 gold stars.
  • Police Councillor (Polizeirat), commands a local police division (Polizeiinspektion) or special branch; grade A13. 1 gold star.

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