Pole Pairs

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Boat Building - Parts
... They are mainly used in rigging in pairs or quads to allow a single person to operate a sail that creates a lot of force ... Catsheads - A short timber(or pair of timbers) that protrudes approximately at right angles from the foredeck of a square rigged sailing ship ... a stainless steel fitting, attached to a rudder head, in pairs, with parallel holes in which the rudder pintle pivots ...
Scale Space Implementation - Recursive Filters
... van Vliet use a third-order recursive filter with one real pole and a pair of complex poles, applied forward and backward to make a sixth-order symmetric approximation ... of discrete kernels that includes all filters with real poles at and/or, as well as with real zeros at ... homogeneity, these filters must be further restricted to pairs of poles and zeros that lead to zero-phase filters ...

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    O, withered is the garland of the war,
    The soldier’s pole is fallen!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)