• (adj): Having the qualities or effects of a poison.
    Synonyms: toxicant
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List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Poisonous
... This creature ability, written Poisonous X, is an old ability originating from the Legends set ... Whenever a creature with poisonous deals combat damage to a player, that player gets X poison counters ... Poisonous was keyworded in Future Sight, though older cards with the ability have not been changed to have poisonous due to minor text variations between cards ...
Bane (plant)
... Ages, a number of plants of the genus Aconitum were thought to have poisonous or prophylactic qualities, which would have dire consequences (Henbane) or liminal ones, like "Wolfsbane" or "Aconi ... The danger is all parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested ...
Stropharia Ambigua - Description - Edibility
... Weber said that the species is not poisonous ... The authors of Poisonous plants of California said that the species is suspected of being poisonous ...
Rappaccini's Daughter
... about a medical researcher in medieval Padua who grows a garden of poisonous plants ... his daughter to tend the plants, and she becomes resistant to the poisons, but she herself becomes poisonous to others ... The traditional story of a poisonous maiden has traced back to India, and Hawthorne's version has been adopted in contemporary works ...
List Of Plants Poisonous To Equines
... Many plants are poisonous to equines the species vary depending on location, climate and grazing conditions ... In many cases, entire genera are poisonous to equines and include many species spread over several continents ... Hungry or thirsty horses are more likely to eat poisonous plants, as are those pastured on overgrazed lands ...

More definitions of "poisonous":

  • (adj): Not safe to eat.
  • (adj): Marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful.
    Example: "Poisonous hate...in his eyes"- Ernest Hemingway
    Synonyms: venomous, vicious

Famous quotes containing the word poisonous:

    The impression made on a wise man is that of universal innocence. Poison is not poisonous after all, nor are any wounds fatal. Compassion is a very untenable ground. It must be expeditious. Its pleadings will not bear to be stereotyped.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Let him
    Who was love’s teacher teach you too love’s cure;
    Let the same hand that wounded bring the balm.
    Healing and poisonous herbs the same soil bears,
    And rose and nettle oft grow side by side.
    Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

    I have never injured anybody with a mordant poem; my
    verse contains charges against nobody. Ingenuous, I have
    shunned wit steeped in venom—not a letter of mine is dipped
    in poisonous jest.
    Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)