Pocket Computers

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Programmable Calculators and Pocket Computers
... the 80's and the beginning of the 90's programmable calculators stood in competition with pocket computers, with high end calculators sharing many similarities ... Pocket computers often offered additional programming languages as option ... as part of their "fx-" calculator series and pocket computer the dedicated "pb-" series while Sharp on marketed all BASIC programmable devices as pocket computer ...
Pocket Computer
... A pocket computer is a small calculator-sized handheld programmable computer ... This specific category of computers existed primarily in the 1980s ... An important feature of pocket computers was that all programming languages were available for the device itself, not downloaded from a cross-compiler on a larger ...
TRS-80 - Other Systems - Pocket Computers
... The TRS-80 brand was also used for a line of Pocket Computers which were manufactured by Sharp or Casio, depending on the model ...

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