PML may refer to:

  • Pakistan Muslim League, faction of the Pakistani political parties with similar names
  • Partido Movimiento Libertario, libertarian political party in Costa Rica
  • Perfectly Matched Layer, numerical truncation methodology
  • Peter Max Lawrence, contemporary interdisciplinary artist
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory, an independent NERC research center
  • Probable Maximum Loss, term used by property insurance companies

In technology:

  • Palm Markup Language, a markup language used for e-books
  • Programmable Macro Language, a domain specific language for the customisation of Aveva plant & marine design applications
  • Proof Markup Language, a markup language for provenance exchange
  • PartnerML, Vodafone's proprietary replacement for Wireless Markup Language
  • Physical Markup Language, XML-based language that defines data on objects
  • Perfectly Matched Layer, a numerical technique used to prevent artifacts at the calculation boundaries of a simulation space

In medicine:

  • Polymorphonuclear leucocyte, white blood cell
  • Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, rare and usually fatal disorder
  • Promyelocytic leukemia protein, tumor suppressor protein


  • Pierpont Morgan Library, in New York City
  • Pine Mountain Lake, California, private gated community in Groveland, California

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Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Rasheed - Political Career - 2005
... Tahir Rasheed was one of the few people in the PML N who were trying to convince the senior leadership of the PML N to stop supporting the PPP in the ARD as they ... Iqbal Khakwani, ex-MNA Syed Javed Ali Shah, sitting MPA Syed Mujahid Ali Shah, PML-N ex-MPA DR Khalid Khokhar and the son of ex-MPA Sheikh Amir Khalil to join PML ...
Pakistani General Election, 1970 - Results
... Peoples Party 6,148,923 18.6% 81 ... / 300 Jamaat-e-Islami 1,989,461 6.0% 4 ... / 300 PML (Council) 1,965,689 6.0% 4 ... / 300 PML (Qayyum) 1,473,749 4.5% 9 ... / 300 Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam 1,315,071 4.0% 7 7 ...
Ahsan Iqbal - Political Career
... In 1988 he joined PML (a part of IJI then) later becoming PMLN, and rose to become its Information Secretary in 2006 during the regime of General Pervaiz Musharraf ... He was elected Deputy Secretary General of PML-N in the General Council meeting of PML-N on 27 July 2011 ...
Perfectly Matched Layer
... A perfectly matched layer (PML) is an artificial absorbing layer for wave equations, commonly used to truncate computational regions in numerical methods to simulate ... The key property of a PML that distinguishes it from an ordinary absorbing material is that it is designed so that waves incident upon the PML from a non-PML medium do not ... PML was originally formulated by Berenger in 1994 for use with Maxwell's equations, and since that time there have been several related reformulations of PML for both ...
Probable Maximum Loss
... Probable Maximum Loss (PML) is a term used in the insurance industry as well as Commercial Real Estate ... Underwriting decisions can be influenced by PML evaluations, and the amount of reinsurance ceded on a risk can be predicated on the PML valuation ...