Pleasure - Masochism


Masochists are those who derive pleasure from receiving pain. The existence of masochism complicates the commonly-held view that pleasure, as a positive experience, is fundamentally opposite pain, a negative experience. Masochism is context-dependent: masochists enjoy certain kinds of pain in certain situations.

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A Defence Of Masochism
... A Defence of Masochism is a 1998 non-fiction book by Anita Phillips covering the topic of BDSM, which offers philosophical and sociological arguments for the virtues of masochism ...

The word masochism could refer to:

  • Sadomasochism, a component of BDSM
  • Sadism and masochism as medical terms
  • Self-defeating personality disorder
Sadism And Masochism As Medical Terms - Freud and Psychoanalysis
... Sigmund Freud made masochism and sadism integral to psychoanalysis, thus, in Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (1905), he described the tendency to inflict and receive ... That masochism is a form of sadism against the Self, and that sadism and masochism are manifested variously as “primary masochism” and “secondary masochism”, and as the subordinate ... whose writings influenced the popular, mainstream perception of sadism, masochism, and sadomasochism in the mid–20th century ...

Famous quotes containing the word masochism:

    Sadism and masochism, in Freud’s final formulation, are fusions of Eros and the destructive instincts. Sadism represents a fusion of the erotic instincts and the destructive instincts directed outwards, in which the destructiveness has the character of aggressiveness. Masochism represents the fusion of the erotic instincts and the destructive instincts turned against oneself, the aim of the latter being self-destruction.
    Patrick Mullahy (b. 1912)