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Bookchase - Official Rules
... Each Player selects a Bookchase Shelf as their playing token and places it near the board centre ... Each Player rolls the dice and the highest scorer starts play ... If two or more Players tie they roll again until the highest scorer is clear ...
Craps - Variants of The Game
... Another difference is that this is one of the craps games in which a player can bet on rolling a 2, 3, 11 or 12 before a 7 is thrown ... The initial roll of a 2 or a 3 in High Point Craps is ignored ... If a player rolls a 2 then the player will roll again ...
Rules - Cee-lo Without A Bank (winner Take All) - Other Non-banking Variants
... Some players rule that a 4-5-6 is an instant win for the first player who rolls it, and it can't be tied ... To see who picks the order, each person rolls a die and the person with the highest number chooses the order ... If it is a tie, then those people roll again and again until one person has a higher number ...
Cosmic Wimpout - Gameplay
... The game is played by rolling all five cubes and adding up the player's score ... When a player rolls scoring dice, they must set them aside, and may choose to either keep the points they have, or to roll the non scoring dice and try ... There are three exceptions to this general guideline, which force rolls in certain cases Whenever all five have been set aside as scoring, a player must reroll all of them ...

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