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Transiting Extrasolar Planets - Established Detection Methods - Transit Method
... See also List of transiting extrasolar planets While the above methods provide information about a planet's mass, this photometric method can determine the radius of a planet ... If a planet crosses (transits) in front of its parent star's disk, then the observed visual brightness of the star drops a small amount ... The amount the star dims depends on the relative sizes of the star and the planet ...
Super-Earths - Discoveries - More Notable Super-Earth Discoveries By Year - 2011
... Mission team released a list of 1235 extrasolar planet candidates, including 68 candidates of approximately "Earth-size" (Rp < 1.25 Re) and 288 candidates of "super-Earth-si ... In addition, 54 planet candidates were detected in the "habitable zone." Six candidates in this zone were less than twice the size of the Earth A more recent study ... habitable worlds." Also based on the findings, the Kepler Team has estimated "at least 50 billion planets in the Milky Way" of which "at least 500 million" are in the habitable zone ...

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