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Arnaut Plagues
... Arnaut Plagues or Plages (fl ... A line that reads hom plagues ("one would be pleased") seems to be a play on Arnaut's name ... song, Messonget, un sirventes, that acknowledges that it is written to el son d'en Arnaut Plagues ("the melody of lord Arnaut Plauges ") ...
Va'eira - In The Liturgy
... wine from their cups for each of the ten plagues in Exodus 714–1229 ... the phrase “the finger of God” in Exodus 815 referred to 10 plagues, “the great hand” (translated “the great work”) in Exodus 1431 must refer to 50 plagues upon the Egyptians ... hand” in Deuteronomy 268, interpreting the “mighty hand” to mean the plague of pestilence on the Egyptian livestock ...
Australian Plague Locust - Plagues
... density populations in some locations most years and less frequent major plagues over large areas persisting for one to two years ... Widespread heavy inland rains, especially in summer, will allow plague locusts to reach plague proportions with less regular rain maintaining these high density populations ... Due to its large range and frequent plagues, the Australian plague locust is the most damaging locust species in Australia ...
Slechtvalk - History - The War That Plagues The Lands
... In 2002 Slechtvalk released their second full-length album, The War That Plagues the Lands ... The War That Plagues the Lands was well received ...
Flight From Nevèrÿon - Contents
... edition "The Tale of Fog and Granite" "The Mummer’s Tale" "The Tale of Plagues and Carnivals, or, Some Informal Remarks toward the Modular Calculus, Part Five" Appendix A ...

Famous quotes containing the word plagues:

    I don’t believe in evil, I believe only in horror. In nature there is no evil, only an abundance of horror: the plagues and the blights and the ants and the maggots.
    Isak Dinesen [Karen Blixen] (1885–1962)

    And of all plagues with which mankind are curst,
    Ecclesiastic tyranny’s the worst.
    Daniel Defoe (1659–1731)

    There they are at last, Miss Rutledge. The will-o-the-wisps with plagues of fortune. San Francisco, the latest newborn of a great republic.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)