Pkm or PKM indicates the following:

  • Passenger-kilometre or pkm is a unit of passenger transportation quantity
  • Personal knowledge management
  • PK machine gun
  • PKMzeta
  • Parallel Kinematics Machine
  • Short for Pokémon

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Second Battle Of Yeonpyeong - Aftermath
... PKM 357 replica at the War Memorial of Korea, 23 March 2011 PKM 357 bow section ... Red marks indicate battle damage PKM 357 mid and Bridge section PKM 357 stern section ...
List Of Ships Of The Republic Of Korea Navy - Decommissioned Ships - Patrol
... CPIC (Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft PSMM 5 class patrol craft) PKM 123 (later PKM 211) PKM (Patrol Killer Medium Gireogi/Chamsuri class patrol craft) PKM 125 (later PKM 212 decommissioned in 1995) PKM 213 PKM ...
Long-term Potentiation - Properties - Late Phase - Maintenance
... One such molecule may be protein kinase Mζ (PKMζ), a persistently active kinase whose synthesis increases following LTP induction ... PKMζ is an atypical isoform of PKC that lacks a regulatory subunit and thus remains constitutively active ... Unlike other kinases that mediate LTP, PKMζ is active not just in the first 30 minutes following LTP induction rather, PKMζ becomes a requirement for LTP maintenance only during the late phase of LTP ...
Chamsuri Class Patrol Boat - In Philippine Service
... At least 8 PKMs were transferred to the Philippines ... The first 5, PKM 225, 226, 229, 231, and 235, were transferred in 1995 ... Four were commissioned the following year, with 1 (ex-PKM 235) used as cannibalization spares ...