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The Pioneer Fund is an American non-profit foundation established in 1937 "to advance the scientific study of heredity and human differences." Until his death on 2 October 2012, the fund was headed by psychology professor J. Philippe Rushton, the fund states that it focuses on projects it perceives will not be easily funded due to controversial subject matter. The organization is frequently described as racist and "white supremacist" in nature, or as a "hate group".

Two of the most notable studies funded by the Pioneer Fund are the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart and the Texas Adoption Project, which studied the similarities and differences of identical twins and other children adopted into non-biological families. The Pioneer Fund has also been an important source of funding for research on the partly genetic hypothesis of IQ variation among races.

The fund's grantees and publications have generated controversy including the 1994 publication of The Bell Curve, which drew heavily from Pioneer-funded research. The fund has also been criticized for its ties to eugenics.

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... and Behavior has been cited as an example of the Pioneer Fund's activities in promoting "Scientific racism" ... notes that many of the supportive comments for the book come from Pioneer grantees like Rushton himself, and that a 100,000 copy print-run of the third edition was financed by Pioneer ... Tucker as an example of the Pioneer Fund's continued role "to subsidize the creation and distribution of literature to support racial superiority and racial purity." The mass ...
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... Lykken has defended his acceptance of money from the fund, writing "If you can find me some rich villains that want to contribute to my research—Qaddafi, the Mafia, whoever—the worse they are, the ... Science writer Morton Hunt received Pioneer funding for his book and wrote "One could spend hundreds of pages on the pros and cons of the case of the Pioneer Fund, but what matters to me—an ... I alerted Pioneer to my political views when making the grant proposal for this book but its directors never blinked." In a review of Richard Lynn's book on the Pioneer Fund, psychologist ...

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