Pine Creek Gorge

Pine Creek Gorge, sometimes called The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, is a 47-mile (76 km) gorge carved by Pine Creek in Pennsylvania. It sits in about 160,000 acres (650 km2) of the Tioga State Forest. The canyon begins south of Ansonia, near Wellsboro, along U.S. Route 6 and continues south. Its deepest point is 1,450 feet (440 m) at Waterville, near the southern end. At Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, it is more than 800 feet (240 m) deep and the distance rim-to-rim is about 4,000 feet (1,200 m).

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Leonard Harrison State Park - Ecology - Important Bird Area
... The location of the IBA along the Pine Creek Gorge also contributes to the diverse bird populations ... Large numbers of Ospreys use the gorge during spring and fall migration periods ... in the IBA and the Northern Harrier breeds and overwinters in Pine Creek Gorge ...
West Rim Trail - History
... The Pine Creek Gorge is believed to have been formed at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation, when retreating glaciers provided large amounts of water and dammed Pine Creek ... The creek flowed south instead, carving the gorge in a few thousand years ... The Pine Creek Gorge Natural Area was originally 8,153 acres (32.99 km2) and extended from Ansonia south to Jerry Run, and from rim to rim of the canyon, plus 300 feet (91 m) on each side ...
Leonard Harrison - State Park, Death, and Legacy
... "The Lookout", and invited the public to enjoy the beauty of the Pine Creek Gorge ... That year more visitors came to the Pine Creek Gorge than to Yellowstone National Park ... noting how they "offer spectacular vistas and a fabulous view of Pine Creek Gorge, also known as Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon" ...
Leonard Harrison State Park - Ecology - State Natural Area and Wildlife
... and parts of the surrounding Tioga State Forest are now the Pine Creek Gorge National Natural Landmark, it is their status as part of a Pennsylvania State Natural Area that provides ... State owned, unroaded, and designated the Pine Creek Gorge Natural Area ... and overuse, and restoration of the area to as near a natural condition as possible." The gorge has over 225 species of wildflowers, plants and trees, with ...
Leonard Harrison State Park - Pine Creek Gorge
... State Park lies on the east side of the Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania ... two parks combined form essentially one large park that includes parts of the gorge and creek and parts of the plateau dissected by the gorge ... Pine Creek has carved the gorge nearly 47 miles (76 km) through the dissected Allegheny Plateau in northcentral Pennsylvania ...

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