A pilgrim (from the Latin peregrinus) is a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place. Typically, this is a physical journeying (often on foot) to some place of special significance to the adherent of a particular religious belief system. In the spiritual literature of Christianity, the concept of pilgrim and pilgrimage may refer to the experience of life in the world (considered as a period of exile) or to the inner path of the spiritual aspirant from a state of wretchedness to a state of beatitude.

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... The Pilgrims' Square, where approximately 20,000 people assemble every year to celebrate the July church festival, has been restored ... For the festival, about 40 companies of pilgrims arrive on foot each year ... Pilgrims from Miastko cover the longest route of 120 km ...
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... became an important centre for the Armenian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem ... growing number of Armenian residents and pilgrims, the Armenian prelacy started to build a quarter near the church which kept its original name Hokedun (S ... It was designated to serve as a settlement for the Armenian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem ...
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Famous quotes containing the word pilgrims:

    Like pilgrims to th’ appointed place we tend;
    The world’s an inn, and death the journey’s end.
    John Dryden (1631–1700)

    Like pilgrims to th’appointed place we tend;
    The world’s an inn, and death the journey’s end.
    John Dryden (1631–1700)

    The word of the Lord by night
    To the watching Pilgrims came,
    As they sat by the seaside,
    And filled their hearts with flame.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)