Pickup Truck Racing

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2009 Pickup Truck Racing Season
... The 2009 Pickup Truck Racing season was the 13th Pickup Truck Racing season. ...
Lee Rogers (racing Driver) - Notable Achievement
... Career history 2007 Pickup Truck Racing 2006 Pickup Truck Racing 2005 Pickup Truck Racing - 13th Pre Pickups 2004 Autospeed Stock Rods Overall Points Championship runner-up 2nd Overall, 2nd ...
Mark Willis (racing Driver) - Notable Achievements
... Hot Rod Points Champion, and the 1992 Stock Rod British and European Champion 2007 Pickup Truck Racing Championship - 11th 2006 Pickup Truck Racing Championship - 3rd 2005 Pickup Truck Racing ... race wins Ministox Mark started his career on the small ovals racing 850cc Ministox with the other 10-15 year olds winning literally hundreds of trophies ...

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