Phase Diagram

A phase diagram in physical chemistry, engineering, mineralogy, and materials science is a type of chart used to show conditions at which thermodynamically distinct phases can occur at equilibrium. In mathematics and physics, "phase diagram" is used with a different meaning: a synonym for a phase space.

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Phase Space
... In mathematics and physics, a phase space, introduced by Willard Gibbs in 1901, is a space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible ... For mechanical systems, the phase space usually consists of all possible values of position and momentum variables i.e ... function of time is sometimes called a phase plot or a phase diagram ...
Congruent Melting
... If we draw a phase diagram for the system, we notice that there are three solid phases, namely A, B and compound AB ... be three fusion or freezing point curves AC, BE and CDE for the three solid phases ... In the phase diagram, we can notice that the top point D of the phase diagram is the congruent melting point of the compound AB because the solid and liquid phases now have the ...
Types of Phase Diagrams - Mesophase Diagrams
... Some organic materials pass through intermediate states between solid and liquid these states are called mesophases ... Attention has been directed to mesophases because they enable display devices and have become commercially important through the so-called liquid crystal technology ...
Spinodal Decomposition - Phase Diagram
... This type of phase transformation is known as spinodal decomposition, and can be illustrated on a phase diagram exhibiting a miscibility gap ... Thus, phase separation occurs whenever a material transitions into the unstable region of the phase diagram ... coexistence curve, is found by performing a common tangent construction of the free-energy diagram ...

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