Phase Detector

A phase detector or phase comparator is a frequency mixer, analog multiplier or logic circuit that generates a voltage signal which represents the difference in phase between two signal inputs. It is an essential element of the phase-locked loop (PLL).

Detecting phase differences is very important in many applications, such as motor control, radar and telecommunication systems, servo mechanisms, and demodulators.

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Phase-locked Loop - Modeling - Time Domain Model
... The equations governing a phase-locked loop with an analog multiplier as the phase detector and linear filter may be derived as follows ... Let the input to the phase detector be and the output of the VCO is with phases and ... Then the output of the phase detector is given by the VCO frequency is usually taken as a function of the VCO input as where is the sensitivity of the VCO and is expressed in Hz / V is ...
Multilateration - Measuring The Time Difference in A TDOA System
... larger than 1 wavelength and include equipment, such as a Phase Detector, to count the number of cycles that pass by as the emitter moves ... waveforms because of the relation between phase, frequency (f) and time (T) ... The phase detector will see variations in frequency as measured phase noise, which will be an uncertainty that propagates into the calculated location ...
Optical Phase Detectors
... Phase detectors are also known in optics as interferometers ... modulated) light, it is said to measure the phase between the carriers ... And it is possible to measure the phase between the envelope and the carrier of an optical pulse, by sending a pulse into an nonlinear crystal ...
Phase-locked Loop - Elements - Feedback Path and Optional Divider
... PLLs may include a divider between the oscillator and the feedback input to the phase detector to produce a frequency synthesizer ... the reference clock and the reference input to the phase detector ... Instead of a simple phase detector, the design uses a harmonic mixer (sampling mixer) ...
Detector (radio) - Frequency and Phase Modulation Detectors - Phase Detector
... A phase detector is a nonlinear device whose output represents the phase difference between the two oscillating input signals ... signal is applied to one input and the phase or frequency modulated signal is applied to the other ... The output is a signal that is proportional to the phase difference between the two inputs ...

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