Petz - Breeding and Petz Genetics

Breeding and Petz Genetics

Petz in the game can become attracted to one another and breed to produce offspring. This feature was introduced in Petz 3 and has also appeared in Petz 4 and Petz 5. In Petz 3 and Petz 4, a petz couple could only produce one kitten/puppy per breeding, but in Petz 5 a mother can bear up to four offspring per litter.

The user can encourage petz to fall in love by squirting them with love potions and perfumes and giving them food with aphrodisiac-like qualities, as well as using other means. When petz have mated, a heart will appear on the screen informing the user of the female's pregnancy (which generally lasts 3 – 5 days). In that time, females will become noticeably rounder and will require extra food and attention.

Petz's genes carry through to their offspring but can mutate, resulting in different fur and eye colors to that of the parents. The shape and size of body parts is also inherited in "sections;" e.g. the legs, head, and ears could be inherited from one parent and the feet, tail, and body could be inherited from the other parent.

When two different breeds of Petz are bred together, the offspring will have the base personality of one parent (or ancestor). The base personality can be determined by the pet's eyes, their personality and behavior and how they pose if they are a dog.

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