A petitioner is a person who pleads with governmental institution for a legal remedy or a redress of grievances, through use of a petition.

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Leslie Irvin (serial Killer) - Trials and Appeal
... the course of the voir dire examination, which lasted some four weeks, petitioner filed two more motions for a change of venue and eight motions for continuances ... The petitioner was arrested on April 8, 1955 ... intensively publicized, stating that the petitioner had confessed to the six murders ...
Petitioner - The Whig Party
... of 17th century English politicians became known as Petitioners, due to their support of the Exclusion Bill, a bill which would prevent the succession to the ... The Petitioners got their name from the many petitions they sent to Charles urging him to summon Parliament they were opposed by the Abhorrers, who resisted ... the two factions traded insulting epithets with the result that the Petitioners became known as the Whigs and their opponents as Tories ...
Leary V. United States - Facts That Triggered The Dispute
... The circumstances surrounding petitioner's conviction were as follows ... On December 20, 1965, petitioner left New York by automobile, intending a vacation trip to the Mexican state of Yucat√°n ... A personal search of petitioner's daughter revealed a silver snuff box containing semi-refined marijuana and three partially smoked marijuana cigarettes ...
Mc Donnell Douglas Corp. V. Green - Supreme Court Decision
... correctly holding that respondent proved a prima facie case, erred in holding that petitioner had not discharged its burden of proof in rebuttal by showing that its stated ... respondent must be afforded a fair opportunity of proving that petitioner's stated reason was just a pretext for a racially discriminatory decision, such ... relevant, depending on the circumstances, could include facts that petitioner had discriminated against respondent when he was an employee or followed a ...
Schlup V. Delo
... Petitioner Lloyd E. 478, which requires a habeas petitioner to show that "a constitutional violation has probably resulted in the conviction of one who is actually innocent," id ... the miscarriage of justice inquiry when a petitioner who has been sentenced to death raises a claim of actual innocence to avoid a procedural bar to the ...

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    Pray. To ask the laws of the universe to be annulled on behalf of a single petitioner confessedly unworthy.
    Ambrose Bierce (1842–1914)