• (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Peru or its people.
    Example: "Peruvian artifacts"
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Salomón–Lozano Treaty
... The fourth in a succession of treaties on the Colombian-Peruvian dispute over land in the upper Amazon region, it was intended to be a comprehensive settlement of the long-standing border dispute between the two ... The result of a Peruvian attack on the river town of Puerto Córdoba, the treaty forced both countries to scale back the number of troops in the region ... the Putumayo River, and Colombia recognized Peruvian territorial claims to the Amazon east of Ecuador ...
Spanish Peruvian
... A Spanish Peruvian is a Peruvian citizen of Spanish descent ... Among European Peruvians, the Spanish are the largest group of immigrants to settle in the country ...
Carlos Condell - Early Years
... His father was the Scottish merchant marine Federico Condell, and his mother was the Peruvian aristocrat Lady Manuela De la Haza ... Diego and Antonio De la Haza, both rear admirals of the Peruvian Navy ... Therefore, he had several cousins who were Peruvian naval officers ...
List Of Mil Mi-8/17 Operators - Military Operators - Peru
... Peruvian Air Force Peruvian Army Peruvian Navy. ...
St. William Parish Lawn Crest - Art Within - Hand-painted - Señor De Los Milagros
... William from the Peruvian people of the parish who make up a very large portion of the local Hispanic community ... Each year in October, the Peruvian Community of St ... This celebration draws hundreds of people of Peruvian descent from all over the Delaware Valley Region for the day-long event ...

More definitions of "Peruvian":

  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Peru.