Costa may refer to:

  • Costa (surname), including origin of the name and people sharing the surname
  • Costa, scientific term, from Latin costa "rib" (plural costae)
    • Costa (botany), the central strand of a bryophyte leaf or thallus
    • Costa (entomology), the leading edge of the forewing of winged insects, as well as a part of the male clasper
    • In vertebrate anatomy, a rib
  • Costa!, a 2001 Dutch film from BNN
  • Costa Book Awards, formerly the Whitbread Book Award, a literary award in the United Kingdom
  • Costa Coffee, a British coffee shop chain, sponsor of the award
  • Costa Cruises, a leading cruise company in Europe
  • Costa's Garden Odyssey, an Australian television gardening program hosted by landscape architect Costa Grogiadis
  • Costa-Gavras (born 1933), Greek-French filmmaker

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