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USS America (CV-66) - Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
... Although these systems were not unique to the fleet, it was the first time they had been integrated into one comprehensive package ... processing capabilities unparalleled by any other ship in the fleet ... On 14 February, America entered the Persian Gulf to become the fourth carrier of Battle Force Zulu ...
Battle Of Salamis - The Battle - Dispositions
... In the Allied fleet, the Athenians were on the left, and on the right were probably the Spartans (although Diodorus says it was the Megareans and Aeginetians) the ... The Allied fleet probably formed into two ranks, since the straits would have been too narrow for a single line of ships ... Herodotus has the Allied fleet in a line running north-south, probably with the northern flank off the coast of modern-day Saint George's Islet (Ayios Georgis), and the southern ...
Battle Of Artemisium - Aftermath
... The Persians were alerted to the withdrawal of the Greeks by a boat from Histiaea, but did not at first believe it ... case, and finding that it was, the whole fleet set sail for Artemisium in the morning ... The Persians then sailed on to Histiaea and sacked the surrounding region ...
Battle Of Mycale - Opposing Forces - The Persians
... The number of Persian ships and men involved with the battle are, as so often in the Greco-Persian Wars, somewhat problematic ... It is clear that the Persian fleet did not dare conduct operations against the Greeks, and thus must have been approximately equal to, or smaller than the Greek fleet ... Herodotus gives the size of the Persian fleet at 300 ships the Greeks had 378 at Salamis, but must have suffered significant losses, and so they probably also had around 300 in total (though not necessarily ...
Ancient Greek Warfare - The Greco-Persian Wars
... The Greco-Persian Wars (499-448 BC) were the result of attempts by the Persian Emperor Darius the Great, and then his successor Xerxes I to subjugate ... After burning Eretria, the Persians landed at Marathon. 10,000 hoplites marched to meet Persian army of c ...

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    On the middle of that quiet floor
    sits a fleet of small black ships,
    square-rigged, sails furled, motionless,
    their spars like burned matchsticks.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)

    The threadbare trees, so poor and thin,
    They are no wealthier than I;
    But with as brave a core within
    They rear their boughs to the October sky.
    Poor knights they are which bravely wait
    The charge of Winter’s cavalry,
    Keeping a simple Roman state,
    Discumbered of their Persian luxury.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)