Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, caste system and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution. Even so, not all suffering will necessarily establish persecution. The suffering experienced by the victim must be sufficiently severe. The threshold level of severity has been a source of much debate.

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Anabaptists - History - Persecutions and Migrations
... The persecution of Anabaptists was condoned by ancient laws of Theodosius I and Justinian I that were passed against the Donatists, which decreed the death penalty for ... van Braght, describes the persecution and execution of thousands of Anabaptists in various parts of Europe between 1525 and 1660 ... Continuing persecution in Europe was largely responsible for the mass emigrations to North America by Amish, Hutterites, and Mennonites ...
Persecution Based On Army Service
... Persecution on the basis of army service, or the lack of it, exists in Israel ... In Israel, Jewish citizens who receive an exemption from army service are denied many prestigious career options, especially in the field of security ...
Lorenzo Miguel - Life and Times - Persecution, Return and Twilight
... These developments turned him into a vocal opponent of the dictatorship ... Following the worst economic crisis since the great depression and the tragic invasion of the Falklands, the dictatorship called for elections in 1983 ...
Conspiracy Of Silence (Church Persecutions)
... reaction among Western democracies to the persecution in the 1930s of Christians by Nazis and Communists in such countries as Mexico, Spain, Germany and the Soviet ... of the papal protest resulted in increased persecution ... The Conspiracy of Silence was related first to their silence on the persecution of the Church in the Terrible Triangle, and also included the silence of secular powers against the horrors ...
Shi'a Islam In India - Persecution
... Shiites in India faced persecution by some Sunni rulers and Mughal Emperors which resulted in the martyrdom of Indian Shia scholars like Qazi Nurullah Shustari (also known as Shaheed-e-T ... Shias also faced persecution in India in Kashmir for centuries, by the Sunni invaders of the region which resulted in massacre of many Shias and as a result ... The persecution suffered by Shias in Kashmir during the successive foreign rules was not new for the community ...

Famous quotes containing the word persecution:

    ... social evils are dangerously contagious. The fixed policy of persecution and injustice against a class of women who are weak and defenseless will be necessarily hurtful to the cause of all women.
    Fannie Barrier Williams (1855–1944)

    That diabolical Hell conceived principle of persecution rages among some [people] and to their eternal Infamy the clergy can furnish their Quota of Imps for such business.
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    I hate Science. It denies a man’s responsibility for his own deeds, abolishes the brotherhood that springs from God’s fatherhood. It is a hectoring, dictating expertise, which makes the least lovable of the Church Fathers seem liberal by contrast. It is far easier for a Hitler or a Stalin to find a mock- scientific excuse for persecution than it was for Dominic to find a mock-Christian one.
    Basil Bunting (1900–1985)