Pearson Commission - Members


The commission's members were:

  • Lord Pearson (chairman)
  • Lord Allen of Abbeydale
  • Lord Cameron
  • Walter Anderson, former general secretary, National and Local Government Officers Association
  • Norman Marsh QC, Law Commission
  • Prof. Richard Schilling, former professor of occupational health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Ronald Skerman, chief actuary, Prudential Assurance Ccompany
  • Margaret Brooke, former vice-chairman (sic) National Federation of Women's Institutes
  • Prof. Robert Duthie, Nuffield Professor of orthopaedic surgery, Oxford University
  • Robert MacCrindle QC
  • Denis Marshall, solicitor, member of the council of the Law Society of England and Wales
  • Prof. Alan Prest, professor of economics, London School of Economics
  • A. Sansom, managing director, Iron Trades Employers Federation
  • Prof. Olive Stevenson, head of department of social policy and social work, Keele University
  • James Stewart WS
  • Alan Ure, director, Trollope & Colls

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