PCG is a three letter acronym that can stand for:

  • Pacific Corporate Group, a La Jolla based alternative investment management firm
  • People's Consultative Group, a citizens' group in Assam formed by ULFA to participate in the peace-talk process with the government of India
  • PC Gamer, a magazine
  • Pentecostal Church of God
  • Philadelphia Church of God
  • Plan Comptable Français (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in France)
  • Police Coast Guard of the Singapore Police Force
  • Preconditioned conjugate gradient method, a numerical solver
  • Procedural content generation
  • Professional Contractors Group, the trade association that represents the interests of UK freelancers
  • Philippine Coast Guard, the maritime law enforcement agency operating under the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines
  • Parent company guarantee, a contract provision regarding subsidiary contractors
  • Polycomb-group proteins, a family of proteins that can remodel chromatin such that epigenetic silencing of genes takes place
  • Phonocardiogram, a plot of high fidelity recordings of the sounds and murmurs made by the heart
  • Primera Crónica General
  • Programs Combinations Global, a file extension used for files storing sounds of Korg music workstations
  • Project Control Group
  • PCG is the stock symbol for Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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... In Drosophila melanogaster, the 'Polycomb' group (PcG) of genes are part of a cellular memory system that is responsible for the stable inheritance of gene activity ... PcG proteins form a large multimeric, chromatin-associated protein complex ...
The Philadelphia Trumpet
... magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) ... The editor-in-chief is Gerald Flurry, who is also the leader of the PCG and characterizes the magazine as the successor to The Plain Truth magazine when it was under the aegis of the ... advertisements in the magazine are for various pamphlets and booklets published by the PCG, for the Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, and a list of broadcast ...
Polycomb-group Proteins - In Plants
... In Physcomitrella patens the PcG protein FIE is specifically expressed in stem cells such as the unfertilized egg cell (see figure, right) as indicated by the blue ... It has been shown that unlike in mammals the PcG are necessary to keep the cells in a differentiated state ... Consequently loss of PcG causes de-differentiation and promotes embryonic development ...
Personal Computer Games - Screen Test
... The PCG Panel, who voiced their opinions on the games reviews, consisted of the PCG staff plus several contributions from readers ... PCG Ratings were out of ten, with a score giving to the graphics, sound, originality, lasting interest and the overall score ...