Paulus Hector Mair - Manuscripts


  • three copies of the compendium, in two volumes each:
    • German version: Saxon state library, Dresden, Mscr. Dresd. C 93/94, after 1542, two volumes, 244+328 folia.
    • Latin version: Bavarian state library, München cod. icon 393, after 1542, two volumes, 309+303 folia. This is the most luxurious production of Mair's, and he sold it to duke Albert V. of Bavaria, allegedly for the enormous sum of 800 fl., in 1567 (
      • online facsimiles: De arte athletica Tome I, De arte athletica Tome II,
    • bilingual Latin-German version: Austrian national library, Vienna, Codex Vindobensis 10825/26 after 1542, two volumes, 270+343 folia.
      • online facsimiles: microfilm scans (
  • Jörg Breu Sketchbook (Cod.I.6.2°.4), Augsburg city archive, Schätze B2 Reichsstadt, 1553, 110 folia, illustrated by Heinrich Vogtherr, based material acquired from Anthon Rast of Nürnberg (d. 1549).
    • online facsimile:,

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