Paulinus/Paullinus is a Roman cognomen that can refer to:

  • Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, general who defeated Boudica

Roman consuls

  • Marcus Junius Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, consul in 298
  • Sextus Anicius Faustus Paulinus (consul 325), consul in 325
  • Amnius Anicius Paulinus, consul in 334
  • Paulinus (consul 498), consul in 498
  • Decius Paulinus, consul of the Western Roman Empire in 534

Christian saints

  • Paulinus of Antioch
  • Paulinus of Nola (full name Pontificus Meropius Anicius Paulinus), poet and bishop
  • Paulinus of York, first Archbishop of York
  • Paulinus II of Aquileia, Italian bishop, poet, and scholar
  • Paulinus of Wales
  • Paul Aurelian, Paulinus Aurelianus


  • Paulinus (follower of Plotinus)
  • Paulinus the Deacon, 5th-century biographer of Ambrose


  • Paulinus of Treves, 4th-century bishop
  • Paulinus, Bishop of Antioch


  • General Paulinus Maximus, fictional main character of Eagle in the Snow
  • Aulus Paulinus, Roman Governor of Britain in Chelmsford 123
  • Paulinus "Paul" Taylor, fictional character in The Blob

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