Patrician may refer to:

  • Patrician (ancient Rome), the original aristocratic families of Ancient Rome, and a synonym for "aristocratic" in modern English usage
  • Patrician (post-Roman Europe), the governing elites of cities in parts of medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • Patrician (Christianity), the adjective formed from St. Patrick
  • Youngstown Patricians, a former semi-professional football team based in Youngstown, Ohio, USA
  • Patricians, students and former students of St Patrick's High School, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Patricians, students and former students of St. Patrick's Higher Secondary School, Asansol, West Bengal, India
  • A member of the Argentine Regiment of Patricians
  • The Patrician, an annual publication of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry regiment

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St. Joseph's Patrician College
... Joseph's Patrician College, often known as "The Bish", is a secondary school in the West Ireland city of Galway ... Founded by the Patrician Brothers, a religious order, it has approximately 800 students on roll and, in recent years, has had success in a wide range of sporting activities including soccer, rugby ...
Technology Of The Discworld - Inventors - Leonard of Quirm
... to Ankh-Morpork some time ago and is currently a permanent "guest" of the Patrician ... naïveté that has led to his de facto imprisonment by the Patrician, lest someone other than him make use of the man's genius ... (The Patrician often speculates on the fate of mankind should Leonard manage to keep his mind on one subject for any length of time.) ...
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Social Class In Ancient Rome - Patricians and Plebeians
... The broadest division was between the patricians, whose ancestry, shrouded in mythical origins, was traced to the first Senate established by Romulus, and the plebs, all other citizens ... Originally, all public offices were open only to patricians, and the classes could not intermarry ... legal bulwark against the powers of the patrician class, and only plebeians were eligible ...