Participatory Planning

Participatory planning is an urban planning paradigm that emphasizes involving the entire community in the strategic and management processes of urban planning; or, community-level planning processes, urban or rural. It is often considered as part of community development.

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Participatory Economics - Opposition To Central Planning and Capitalism
... Libertarian socialism Robin Hahnel has argued that "participatory planning is not central planning", stating "The procedures are completely different and the incentives are ... And one of the important ways in which it is different from central planning is that it is incentive compatible, that is, actors have an incentive to ... of coercion — and voluntary cooperation, the technique of the marketplace." a participatory economy can permit all to partake in economic decision making in proportion to the degree they are affected by ...
Participatory Economics - Allocation in A Participatory Economy - Participatory Planning
... The proposed participatory planning procedure would be a periodic (probably either annual, bi-annual or quarterly) event where citizens participate to ... This would result in new base prices, which could be adjusted between planning events by Facilitation Boards according to established guidelines to account for unforeseen circumstances ... believe it would be possible for planning iterations to converge on a feasible plan within an acceptable time delay, and claim this method would lead to prices representing the estimated ...
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