Pamir may refer to:

  • a pamir, a U-shaped grassy valley in the Pamir Mountains
    • Great Pamir, a high valley in the Wakhan on the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan
    • Little Pamir, a high valley in the Wakhan, Afghanistan
  • Pamir Mountains, a mountain range in Central Asia
  • Pamir languages, a group of languages spoken in this area
  • Pamir (ship), an ill-fated German sailing ship
  • Pamir River, a river on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan
  • Pamir Airways, an airline from Afghanistan
  • Pamir, mobile nuclear power plant on MAZ-537 chasis

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Murghob District
... around the Fedchenko Glacier in the northwest and along the Pamir River in the south ... The Pamir Highway curves from the southwest to the northeast ... lakes Sarez Lake on the Bartang River, Yashil Kul on the Gunt River, and Zorkul on the Pamir River ...
M41 Highway
... The M41, known informally and more commonly as the Pamir Highway (Russian "Pamirsky Trakt", Памирский тракт) is a road traversing the Pamir ... a limited number of viable routes through the high Pamir Mountains ...
Taghdumbash Pamir
... Taghdumbash Pamir (Chinese 塔顿巴什帕米尔 pinyin Tǎdébāshì Pàmǐ'ěr or Chinese 塔德八士 pinyin Tǎdùnbāshí) is a pamir or high valley in the south west of ... Kirghiz and Tajik animal herders, who graze yaks and other animals on the grasslands of the pamir ... The name Taghdumbash Pamir is also sometimes applied to the mountain ranges surrounding the pamir, on the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, straddling the Pamir Mountains along the Sarikol Range, the ...
Murghab, Tajikistan
... of the birds") is the capital of Murghob District in the Pamir Mountains of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Tajikistan ... at the junction of the Murghab River and the Pamir Highway ... The Pamir Highway goes north to Sary-Tash and on to Osh in Kyrgyzstan and southwest to the region's capital Khorog (about 300 kilometers distant) ...
TJK - Geography - Lakes
... (Khatlon) Karakul (Tajik Qarokul eastern Pamir) Sarez (Pamir) Shadau Lake (Pamir) Zorkul (Pamir) ...