In Carnatic music pallavi is the thematic line of a song. It is usually one cycle long and repeated twice in order to give the percussionist the idea of the chosen taalam. Sometimes it is repeated a few more times using different phrases of the Rāgam to which the song is set.

In Marathi 'Pallavi' means new small leaf for a tree.

The life of the song, the word pallavi consists of a wide range of items that are considered as a single item:

  • pa is derived from padam which means word or phrase;
  • lla comes from layam which means poetry or rhythm;
  • vi is from vinyasam which means imagination

In Carnatic music, pallavi also forms a part of a special type of rendition called Rāgam Thānam Pallavi. gam in this context is the initial ālāpana of chosen rāgam (elaboration and exploration of its scale). Thānam is elaboration of the rāgam using percussion syllables. Pallavi, a single line of one tālam cycle duration, is chosen for further elaboration of the rāgam in different speeds, octaves, rāgam phrases, etc.

The Pallavi is mainly presented as the piece-de-resistance of the concert. In the Mysore-Bani style of concert presentation usually the Raga-Tana-Pallavi is presented in the same raaga as of the Varnam with which the concert is started..... In Hindi-...Pallavi means newly erupted small leaf/sapling during spring.

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