Paine Webber

Paine Webber

Paine Webber and Company was an American stock brokerage and asset management firm that was acquired by the Swiss bank UBS AG in 2000. The company was founded in 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts, by William Alfred Paine and Wallace G. Webber. Operating with two employees, they leased premises at 48 Congress Street in May 1881. The company was renamed Paine, Webber & Co. when Charles Hamilton Paine became a partner. Members of the Boston Stock Exchange, in 1890 the company acquired a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Wallace G. Webber retired after the business weathered a major financial crisis that hit the market in 1893.

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Donald Marron - Career
... In 1977, Mitchell Hutchins was acquired by Paine Webber ... In 1980, Marron was named Paine Webber’s Chief Executive Officer, and in 1981, he was named chairman of the board of Paine Webber, roles he would hold for the next two ... In 2000, as CEO, Marron engineered the sale of Paine Webber to UBS AG ...
UBS - History - Rising in The League Tables (2000–2007)
... On November 3, 2000, UBS merged with Paine Webber, an American stock brokerage and asset management firm led by chairman and CEO Donald Marron ... At the time of its merger with UBS, Paine Webber had emerged as the fourth largest private client firm in the United States with 385 offices employing 8554 brokers ... name "UBS PaineWebber" but in 2003 the 123-year-old name Paine Webber disappeared when it was renamed "UBS Wealth Management USA." UBS took a CHF 1 billion writedown for the loss of goodwill associated with the ...
Blyth, Eastman Dillon & Co. - History - Consolidation and Acquisition
... merged with Paine Webber to form Blyth Eastman, Paine Webber ... to integrate Blyth Eastman's investment banking operations with Paine Webber's retail business ... The merger never fully achieved the intended goal of turning Paine Webber into a major investment banking house ...
Mitchell Hutchins
... until its acquisition by Paine Webber in 1977 ... and in 1977, Mitchell Hutchins was acquired by Paine Webber ... Marron would later serve as CEO of Paine Webber from 1980 until the company's sale to UBS in 2000 ...

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