Oxygen XML Editor - Document Transformation

Document Transformation

XSLT-based document transformation is a common operation on XML files, and Oxygen XML provides support for these operations. It allows the user to define a transformation scenario which specifies that a particular XSLT file will be applied to the current XML document. Transformation scenarios are aware of all of the parameters of the XSLT file in question and provides for visual editing of those parameters for a particular scenario.

Additionally, the results of the transformation scenario can be piped through an XSL-FO processor, whether the packed-in FOP processor or another one that was set up to be used. Command line parameters can be added as part of the scenario.

The final output filename, path and extension can be specified for a transform scenario.

Transform scenarios can be local to a particular Oxygen XML project workspace or global to all projects. Oxygen XML comes with a number of standard global transform scenarios for common tasks, like transforming DocBook documents into HTML, PDF through XSL-FO and FOP, and so on. It also comes with a recent version of the DocBook XSL XSLT transformation suite. Oxygen XML comes with DITA Open Toolkit, which allows publishing entire DITA document structure to different output formats, including PDF, WebHelp, and EPUB.

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