Oxygen XML Editor

The Oxygen XML Editor (styled ) is a multi-platform XML editor, XSLT/XQuery debugger and profiler with Unicode support. It is a Java application, so it can run in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also has a version that can run as an Eclipse plugin.

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Oxygen XML Editor - Other Products
... As of version 9.2, a smaller version of the Editor is available, called Oxygen XML Author ... Author is centered around general XML document editing ...
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... ISO/IEC 23271) ECMA-357 – ECMAScript for XML (E4X) ECMA-363 – Universal 3D file format ECMA-365 – Universal Media Disc (UMD) ECMA-368 – Ultra-wideband physical and MAC layers ECMA-369 – Ultra ...
Types of Semi-structured Data
... XML, other markup languages, email, and EDI are all forms of semi-structured data ... OEM (Object Exchange Model) was created prior to XML as a means of self-describing a data structure ... Some types of data described here as "semi-structured", especially XML, suffer from the impression that they are incapable of structural rigor at the same functional level as Relational ...
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... CougarXML is an XML parser written in JavaScript using an object-oriented approach (OOP) ... This library parses XML code and converts it into an object that can be manipulated with the DOM Level 3 standard API (W3C) ...
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... XML and its extensions have regularly been criticized for verbosity and complexity ... Mapping the basic tree model of XML to type systems of programming languages or databases can be difficult, especially when XML is used for exchanging highly structured data between ...

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