Outer Loop

Outer loop can refer to:

  • The counterclockwise lanes of travel on an orbital roadway for traffic that drives on the right, or the clockwise lanes of travel for traffic that drives on the left.
  • A beltway that enricles and urban area's "outer" limits or the outermost beltway.
    • The proposed Outer Perimeter around Atlanta, Georgia
    • New York State Route 47, the former designation of the Outer Loop expressway around Rochester, New York
    • Interstate 295 (North Carolina), also known as the Fayetteville Outer Loop
  • Osaka Outer Loop Line, a tentative name of Osaka Higashi Line, a railway line around Osaka, Japan

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Pressure-correction Method - Common Properties
... in the momentum equation that is written above, this problem is solved with a nested-loop approach ... the variables and, based on a linearized system, and boundary conditions there is also an outer loop for updating the coefficients of the linearized system ... The outer iterations comprise two steps Solve the momentum equation for a provisional velocity based on the velocity and pressure of the previous outer loop ...
College Park Interchange - Description - East
... splits, with four lanes continuing on the Outer Loop, and the two new lanes, along with a third lane splitting from the fourth travel lane, diverging away to form the I-95 north through route ... Beyond the interchange, the four-lane Outer Loop merges with the one-lane directional ramp from the Park and Ride (which enters on the left ...
Line 2, Beijing Subway - Hours of Operation
... Because Line 2 is a loop line with no true terminus, Line 2 trains are identified as either running on the inner loop (内环, nèihuán), going in the clockwise direction, or on the outer loop ... passengers will be asked wait for a full loop line train at these stations ... The first inner loop train departs Jishuitan at 503am ...
Texas State Highway Loop 9
... Loop 9 is a proposed state highway that will be located on the southern fringes of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex along the southern Dallas County line ... re-integrated into a plan for a broad outer loop that would extend far north of the metroplex ... Loop 9 and the outer loop are part of a long-term plan to serve the growing, expanding DFW population, forecast to rise past 10 million by 2040 ...

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