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  • Otto (mayor of the palace) (died 643 or 644), mayor of the palace of Austrasia briefly in the mid-7th century
  • Otto I, Duke of Saxony
  • the Ottonian dynasty
  • Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1175/1176-1218)
  • Otto Dowling (1881-1946), 25th Governor of American Samoa
  • Otto of Freising (c. 1114-1158), bishop and chronicler
  • Otto of Greece (1815-1867), King of Greece
  • Otto of Bavaria (1848-1916), King of Bavaria
  • Otto Adler, president of the Jewish Association of Romania
  • Otto Frank (1889–1980), father of Anne Frank
  • Otto Freundlich (1878 1943), German painter and sculptor
  • Otto Graham (1921-2003), professional American football and basketball player
  • Otto Graf Lambsdorff (1926-2009), German politician
  • Otto Grotewohl (1894-1964), East German politician
  • Otto Herschmann (1877–1942), Austrian Olympic fencing and swimming medalist
  • Otto Klemperer (1885-1973), German-born conductor and composer
  • Otto Lilienthal, German aviator
  • Otto Peterson, American comedian (Otto & George ventriloquism act)
  • Otto Plath (1885-1940), father of American Poet, Sylvia Plath, and entomologist
  • Otto Preminger (1905-1986), Austro–Hungarian-born American film director
  • Otto Rehhagel, German football coach
  • Otto Scheff, Austrian Olympic swimming champion
  • Otto Schmitt (field hockey), Argentine field hockey goalkeeper
  • Otto Skorzeny (1908-1975), Austrian-born Waffen-SS commando
  • Otto Soglow, American cartoonist
  • Otto Christian Archibald von Bismarck (1897-1975), German politician and diplomat
  • Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), Prussian/German statesman
  • Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011), head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine from 1922 to 2007
  • Otto Waalkes (born 1948), German comedian and actor
  • Otto Wahle (1879-1963), Austrian-born American Olympic swimming medalist and Hall of Fame
  • Otto Dix (1891-1969), German painter and printmaker, noted for his ruthless and harshly realistic depictions of Weimar society and the brutality of war.

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