OSD may refer to:

  • Åre Östersund Airport, in Sweden, IATA airport code
  • Ocean Science Discussions, the discussion and review section of the journal Ocean Science
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense, the principal staff of the United States Secretary of Defense
  • Officer on Special Duty (India), an Indian civil service post
  • On-screen display, a feature of visual devices like VCRs and DVD players that displays program, position, and setting data on a connected TV or computer display
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease, an inflammation of the growth plate at the tibial tuberosity which occurs mostly in teenage boys
  • Open Source Definition, criteria used by the Open Source Initiative to determine whether or not a software license can be considered open source
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf, a K-12 residential school for the deaf or hard-hearing students
  • Object storage device
  • One Shot Deal, a live album by Frank Zappa posthumously released in 2008
  • Optimal shape design, a part of the field of optimal control theory
  • Overseas Surveys Directorate, the United Kingdom's central survey and mapping organisation for British colonies and protectorates 1984-1991

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Object Storage Device - History
... The first version of the OSD command set for SCSI was standardized in 2004 ... The second version of the command set (OSD-2) was finalized in late 2008 but remains stalled in the standardization process ... OSD-3 is now in development ...
Oklahoma School For The Deaf - Projects
... OSD will continue its emphasis on literacy and math, demonstrating at least a one year’s growth annually ... Since February 2007, OSD’s Captioned Film Library became the National Accessible Learning Center (NALC) which is the sole distributor of "Described and Captioned Media Program" media in ... OSD plans to increase outreach services to students and adults through the programs at OSD ...
Object Storage Device - The OSD Standard - OSD Version 2
... set, "Object-Based Storage Devices - 2" (OSD-2) ... The OSD can implement a space-efficient copy using copy-on-write techniques so that the two partitions share objects that are unchanged between the snapshots, or the OSD might physically copy the ... a bad spot on the disk) or by a software error within the OSD implementation, its identifier is put into a special error collection ...
Object Storage Device
... An Object-based Storage Device (OSD) is a computer storage device, similar to disk storage but working at a higher level ... interface that reads and writes fixed sized blocks of data, an OSD organizes data into flexible-sized data containers, called objects ... The command interface to the OSD includes commands to create and delete objects, write bytes and read bytes to and from individual objects, and to set and ...