• (adj): Statistically unrelated.
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Stieltjes Transformation - Relationships To Orthogonal Polynomials
... If {Pn} is a sequence of orthogonal polynomials for this product, we can create the sequence of associated secondary polynomials by the formula It ... measure for transforming the secondary polynomials into an orthogonal system ...
Matrix (mathematics) - Square Matrices - Main Types - Orthogonal Matrix
... An orthogonal matrix is a square matrix with real entries whose columns and rows are orthogonal unit vectors (i.e ... Equivalently, a matrix A is orthogonal if its transpose is equal to its inverse which entails where I is the identity matrix ... An orthogonal matrix A is necessarily invertible (with inverse A−1 = AT), unitary (A−1 = A*), and normal (A*A = AA*) ...
Lauricella's Theorem
... In the theory of orthogonal functions, Lauricella's theorem provides a condition for checking the closure of a set of orthogonal functions, namely Theorem ... A necessary and sufficient condition that a normal orthogonal set be closed is that the formal series for each function of a known closed normal ...
Cubes - Orthogonal Projections
... The cube has four special orthogonal projections, centered, on a vertex, edges, face and normal to its vertex figure ... Orthogonal projections Centered by Face Vertex Coxeter planes B2 A2 Projective symmetry Tilted views ...
Classical Group - Relationship With Bilinear Forms
... Bn = SO(2n + 1), the special orthogonal group of orthogonal (2n + 1)-by-(2n + 1) real matrices with determinant 1 ... Dn = SO(2n), the special orthogonal group of orthogonal 2n-by-2n real matrices with determinant 1 ... determinant be 1 and consider unitary groups and (disconnected) orthogonal groups ...

More definitions of "orthogonal":

  • (adj): Having a set of mutually perpendicular axes; meeting at right angles.
    Example: "Wind and sea may displace the ship's center of gravity along three orthogonal axes"
    Synonyms: rectangular