MIP may refer to:

  • Macrophage Inflammatory Protein
  • Managing Intellectual Property, a monthly magazine specialized in intellectual property law and business
  • Male Iron Pipe, a plumbing pipe connection to an FIP (Female Iron Pipe). See National Pipe Thread
  • Master in Ingegneria della Produzione, MIP - Politecnico di Milano School of Management
  • Maximum Inspiratory Pressure, The maximum inspiratory pressure is the highest atmospheric pressure developed during inspiration against an occluded airway.
  • Maximum intensity projection, a computer visualization method
  • Mega-frame Initialization Packet, an MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet used for synchronization in DVB-T single-frequency networks
  • Membrane Interface Probe, an analytical tool for subsurface contamination
  • Methylation induced premeiotically
  • Minimum Ionizing Particle, in particle physics
  • Minor In Possession in U.S. civil law
  • Mipcom, a TV and entertainment market
  • Mipmap (multo in parvo, much in little space), a type of bitmap in 3D graphics
  • Mixed integer programming, linear programming where some variables are constrained to be integers
  • Mobile IP, an IP protocol extension to provide mobility in the Internet
  • Molecular imprinted polymer
  • Molecular Inversion Probe
  • Moon Impact Probe, of the Indian lunar satellite Chandrayaan-1
  • Mortgage insurance premium
  • Most Improved Player (disambiguation)
  • Mode of Action Improvement Project - 2
  • Multilateral Interoperability Programme
  • Mint in Package; a collectors' abbreviation; see Mint condition
  • MIP, an interactive proof system complexity class; see Interactive proof system
  • Popular Independent Movement (French: Mouvement ind├ępendant populaire), a Luxembourgian political party in the 1960s

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